Korean Celadon
3 Piece Brick Teaset
4 Blossom Ceramic Bowl
5 Piece Tee Branch Teaset
8 Cup Brown Betty Teapot
8 Small Special Glaze Dish Set
Aged Pu-Erh I - strong
Aged Pu-Erh II - Light
Aged Pu-Erh Teas from China - Minimum 2 oz
Alisan Oolong
All The Tea In China
Almond Cookie Green Tea
Almond Cream Black Tea
Aluminum Mate Gourd
Amber Oolong
Amber Oolong Teabags
Amethyst Incense
Antique Brown Iron Teapot
Apricot Black Tea
Artisan Bowl 1
Artisan Mate Gourd 1
Artisan Mate Gourd 2
Artisan Tea Bowl 2
Artisan Tea Bowl 3
Artisan Tea Bowl 4
Assam - Halmari Estate
Bambilla 1
Bamboo Bambilla
Bamboo Tea Scoop
Bell Windchime
Beveled Side-handle Tea Pot
Black and White Side-handle Teapot
Black Basket Vase
Black Bowl Vase
Black Current Black Tea
Black Nail-Head Iron Cup
Black Tea Bowl
Black Tea from Kenya
Black Teas from Ceylon (Sri Lanka)
Black Teas From China
Black Teas from China
Black Teas from India
Blackberry Black Tea
Blood Orange Black Tea
Blooming Teas
Blooming Teas - Minimum 2 oz
Blue and Gold Stripe Cup and Saucer
Blue and White Cup and Saucer
Blue Flower Earl Grey Black Tea
Blue Flower Lichee Black Tea
Blue Flower Tea Bowl
Blue Incense Bowl
Blue Iron Teapot
Blue Wave Incense Dish
Box of 450 Seiten Sticks
Bronze Buddha from Thailand
Bronze Hot Potato Vendor
Bronze Smoker Lighting a Cigarette
Brown Betty Tea-for-One
Brown Betty Teapot from England
Camellia and Leaf Beige Teapot
Cardamom Green Tea
Cast Iron Bookends
Cast Iron Bowl 1
Cast Iron Buddha
Cast Iron Bunny
Cast Iron Candle Holder 1
Cast Iron Candle Holder 2
Cast Iron Incense Bowl 2
Cast Iron Owl
Cast Iron Owl Bookends
Cast Iron Rabbits
Cast Iron Turtle
Cat Dish Burner
Cat Side-handle Tea Pot
Celadon Bowl with Lid
Celadon Tripod Burner
Ceramic Jizo Incense Burner
Ceramic Teapots and Sets from China
Ceramic Tripod Burner
Cherry Bark Canister 1
Cherry Bark Canister 2
Cherry Bark Canister 3
Cherry Blossom Incense
Cherry Sencha Green Tea
Cherry Vanilla Black Tea
Cherry Woo Incense Holder
Cho Cho San Cones
Chocolate Truffle Black Tea
Christmas Tea
Chrysanthemum Flowers
Cinnamon Orange Spice Black Tea
Classic Earl Grey Black Tea
Classic Oribe Style Tea Set
Classic Persimmon Burner
Cobalt and Gold Plate S
Cobalt Blue and Gold Bread Plate
Cobalt Blue and Gold Plate L
Cobalt Lace Cup and Saucer
Cobalt Net Bone China Butter Dish
Cobalt Net Bone China Cup and Saucer
Cobalt Net Bone China Soup Cup
Cobalt Net Bone China Sugar Bowl with Lid
Cobalt Net Coffee Cup and Saucer
Cobalt Net Coffee Pot
Cobalt Net Creamer and Sugar Bowl Set
Cobalt Net Mug and Saucer
Cobalt Net Napkin Rings
Cobalt Net Sake Bottle
Coconut Black Tea
Coil Incense Holder
Cruz De Malta
Curved Bambilla
Darjeeling - I Flush - Thurbo Estate
Darjeeling - II Flush - Margarets Hope Estate
Darjeeling Blend
Dark Brown Tea Pot
Dark Roasted Ti Kuan Yin Oolong
Decaf Apricot Black Tea
Decaf Earl Grey Black Tea
Decaf English Breakfast Tea
Decaf Ginger Peach Black Tea
Decaf Green Tea
Decaf Green Teabags from Japan
Decaf Irish Breakfast Tea
Decaf Mango Black Tea
Decaf Passion Fruit Black Tea
Decaf Spiced Chai Black Tea
Decaffeinated Teas - Min. 96% Caffeine-Free - Minimum 2 oz
Diamond Incense
Dome Sugar Bowl
Double Wall Dragon Teapot
Double Wall Glass Cup with Lid, Basket and Grip
Double Wall Glass Tea Bottle with Built-in Glass Strainer
Dragon Curl Green Tea
Dragon Fly Side-handle Tea Pot
Dragon Fruit Rose Green Tea
Dragon Well Green Tea
Dragon Well Green Teabags
Earl Grey Green Tea
English Afternoon Tea
English Brown Betty Teapot - 8-cup
English Teas -Taylor of Harrogate
English Toffee Black Tea
Eternal Treasure Incense
Evening Zen Scent
Finum Brewing Basket - Size L
Finum Brewing Basket size M
Five Hills Incense
Flat Crimson Dish
Flat Round Cast Iron Plate
Flavored Black Teas and Earl Grey Teas - Minimum 2 oz
Flavored Green Teas
Flowers, Leaves and Spices - Caffeine-free - Minimum 2 oz
Forest Green Bowl
Formosa Pouchong
Frog Incense Bowl
Genmaicha - Green Tea with Roasted Rice
Ginger Black Tea
Ginger Peach Black Tea
Ginseng Oolong
Glass Mate Gourd
Glass Mug with Basket and Lid
Glass Tea Jar
Glass Teapot 3
Glass Teapot 4
Glass Teapot 5
Glass Teapot 6
Gold and Black Tea Jar
Gold Washi Paper Tea Canister
Golden Cobalt Sugar Bowl with Lid
Golden Kuan Yin Statue
Golden Monkey Black Tea
Great Origin Incense
Green Bamboo Leaf
Green Cardamon
Green Drip Tea Bowl
Green Leaf Side-handle Teapot
Green Nail-Head Iron Cup
Green Tea Incense Sticks
Green Teas and Jasmine Green Teas from China
Green Teas from Japan
Green Teas, Jasmine Green Teas, Flavored Green Teas, White Tea and Yellow Tea - Minimum 2 oz
Grey Crackle Bowl
Grey Gold Fish Iron Teapot
Grey Incense Bowl
Gunpowder Green Tea
Gyokuro Green Tea
Herbal Berrylicious Tea - Fruits and Flower Blend
Herbal Fruit and Spice Blends and Rooibos Teas - Minimum 2 oz
Herbal Inspiration Mint Tea
Herbal Just Nutty Honey Bush Blend
Herbal Just Peachy Fruit Tea
Herbal Magic of Roses - Fruits and Flower Blend
Herbal Organic Cranberry Orange Tea
Herbal Organic Green Rooibos Teabgs
Herbal Organic Honey Bush Teabags
Herbal Organic Orange Spice Tea
Herbal Organic-Rooibos Red Bush Teabags
Herbal Pineapple Fruit Blend
Herbal Pomegranate Fruit Blend
Herbal Pumpkin Spice Tea
Herbal Relaxing Tea
Herbal Rooibos Christmas Tea
Herbal Rooibos Earl Grey
Herbal Rooibos Fruit Blend
Herbal Rooibos Latte blend
Herbal Rooibos Teas and Honey Bush Teas from South Africa
Herbal Sausalito Spice Blend
Herbal South Sea Paradise Fruit Tea
Herbal Turkish Apple Tea
Herbal Yummy Passion Fruit Blend
Hibiscus Flowers - Cut
Horin Coil Incense - Genroku
Horin Coil Incense - Nijo
Horin Coil Incense-Horikawa
Horn Mate Cup and Bambilla
Incense Ashes
Incense Bowl 1
Incense Burners and Accessories
Incense from Japan
Instant Ginger Tea
Iris Cast Iron Box
Irish Breakfast Tea
Iron Eggplant Bowl
Jade Bowl
Jade Oolong
Jade Oolong Teabags
Jade Teapot 1
Jade Teapot 2
Jade Teapot 3
Jade Teapots and Teasets
Jade Teaset
Japanese Ceramics
Japanese Green Teabags
Japanese Tea Ceremony
Japanese Tea Ceremony Bowls and Accessories
Jasmine Blooming Tea
Jasmine Flower Green Tea
Jasmine Green Teabags
Jasmine Incense Cones
Jasmine Oolong
Jasmine Pearls Green Tea
Jinkoh Seiun Aloeswood
Joss Sticks Tendan
Keemun Black Teabags
Keemun Hao Ya - A
Keemun Mao Feng
Korean -Celadon -Condiment -Set
Korean Celadon Candle Stand
Korean Celadon Vase
Korean Lotus Celadon Teaset
Kyara Kongo Selected Aloeswood
Kyara Taikan Premium Aloeswood
Kyoto Autumn Leaves
Lady Grey Black Tea
Lady with Birds
Lapsang Souchong - Smoked Tea
Large Brown Iron Teapot
Large Burner with Votive Candle
Large Cherry Bark Iron Teapot
Large Chrysanthemum Iron Teapot
Large Cobalt Net Teapot
Large Glass Teapot 1
Large Glass Teapot 2
Large Glass Teapot 7
Large Glass Warmer
Large Grey Nail Head Iron Teapot
Large Hanging Bell
Large Hanging Johin Coils
Large Jade Bowl
Large Lotus Pod Burner
Large Maroon Nail Head Teapot
Large Mate Goud
Large Mesh Puff-Heart Tea Ball
Large Round Iron Teapot
Lavender Earl Grey Black Tea
Lavender Flowers
Lavender Side-handle Tea Pot
Leaf-Side-handle Tea Pot
Lemon Black Tea
Lemon Ginger Black Tea
Lichee Black Tea
Light Blue Crystal Glaze Tea Set
Lilac Iron Teapot
Lomonosov Golden Garden Sugar Bowl
Long Spout Teapot
Lotus Blooming Tea
Lotus Cobalt Blue Sugar Bowl with Lid
Lotus Incense Dish
Lotus Pattern Cobalt Blue Sugar Bowl and Creamer Set
Maeda-en Tea Ceremony Matcha
Mainiichi Buakudan Sandalwood
Mango Black Tea
Mango Blooming Tea
Masks, Statues and Wood Carvings
Matcha - Powdered Green Tea (also for Ice Cream or Baking)
Matcha Sifter
Matcha Whisk
Mate Carnival
Maurices Vanilla Black Tea
Mesh Spoon - 2
Mesh Spoon - 3
Mesh Spoon -1
Metal Object of Art
Mica Plate
Misty Mountain Oolong
Monkey Picked Ti Kuan Yin Oolong
Moon in the Fields
Morning Star Cedarwood
Morning Star Cinnamon
Morning Star Frankincense
Morning Star Gardenia
Morning Star Green Tea
Morning Star Jasmine
Morning Star Lavender
Morning Star Mimosa
Morning Star Musk
Morning Star Myrrh
Morning Star Patchouli
Morning Star Pine
Morning Star Rose
Morning Star Sandalwood
Morning Star Vanilla
Morning Star Yuzu
Morning Zen Scent
Moroccan Mint Green Tea
Moss Garden Incense
Mt. Everest Blend - Assam and Yunnan
Octagon Cherry Bark Canister 4
Orange Blossom Green Tea
Orange Grid Iron Teapot
Organic Assam
Organic Autumn Darjeeling - Avongrove Estate
Organic Darjeeling - Autumn - Makaibari Estate
Organic English Breakfast Tea Blend
Organic Gold Buds Black Tea
Organic Green Teabags from Japan
Organic Herbal Honey Bush Tea
Organic Herbal-Green-Rooibos
Organic Herbal-Rooibos - Red Bush
Organic Lu-An Green Tea
Organic Orange Spice Black Tea
Organic Silver Spiral Green Tea
Organic White-tip Jasmine Green Tea
Oribe Style Plate
Oribe Tea Set
Osmenthus Oolong
Our Claremont shop (1996-2017) is closed to move to the Cloud. Bamboo Tea House is now online only. All Gift Certificates are redeemable online. ************************************************************************* New Arrival -- Organic English Breakfast Tea, Scottish Breakfast Tea, Yorkshire Gold, Earl Grey Black Tea, Organic Autumn Darjeeling - Avongrove Estate, Mango Blooming Tea, Organic Rooibos Red Bush Tea, Organic Honey Bush Tea
Passion Fruit Black Tea
Peach Black Tea
Peach Blooming Tea
Peach Green Tea
Peppermint Sencha Green Tea
Persian Tea
Persimmon Side-handle Tea Pot
Pineapple Black Tea
Pink Flower Cast Iron Windchime
Pink Side-handle Tea Pot
Polished-Lacquered Wood Canister
Porcelain Wine Warmer
Premium Green Tea from Schizuoka
Premium Monkey King Green Tea
Pumpkin Spice Black Tea
Purple Iron Teapot
Raspberry Black Tea
Raspberry Leaf - cut
Rectangular Cast Iron Nail Head Box
Rectangular Cast-Iron Dish
Red Incense Bowl
Red Iron Teapot
Red Rose Buds
Red Sakura Flower Iron Teapot
Red Web Incense Dish
Regional Black Teas - Minimum 2 oz
Roasted Hojicha
Roasted Mate
Rooster Whistler Tea Decanter
Rosamonte - Box of 50 Teabags
Rosamonte Special - 1 Kilo
Rosamonte Yerba Mate Teabags
Rose Black Tea
Rose Hips
Rose Side-handle Tea Pot
Round Cast Iron Bowl 1
Round Cast Iron Bowl 2
Ruby Incense
Russian Caravan Fruity Blend with Lichee
Russian Caravan Smokey Blend
Russian Samowar Tea
S. S. Strainer Basket
Sapphire Incense
Scalloped Jade Bowl
Scottish Breakfast Tea
Scottish breakfast Tea Box of 50 teabags
Side Handle Tea Pot
Singing Garden Pattern Cup and Saucer
Singing Garden Pattern Pedestal Dish
Singing Garden Sugar Bowl
Sitting Zen Scent
Sky and Earth Bowl
Small Cobalt Net Teapot
Small Glass Warmer
Small Mate Gourd
Small White Porcelain Teapot
Solid Cobalt Net Cup and Saucer
SOUTHERN INDIAN - Nilgiri - Tigerhill Estate
Special Black Tea Blends - Minimum 2 oz
Special Occasion Green Teabags from Japan
Spiced Chai Black Tea
Spiced Chai Green Tea
Spring Jasmine Green Tea
Square Bamboo Canister
Sri Lanka (Ceylon) - Premium New Vithanakande Estate (N.V.T.)
Sri Lanka (Ceylon) - St. James Estate
Stainless Steel Brewing Basket
Stainless Steel Kettle
Stainless Steel Strainer
Straight Bambilla
Summer Rose Green Tea
Swirl Side-handle Tea Pot
Taiwan (Formosa) Pouchong & Taiwan (Formosa) Oolong Teas - Minimum 2 oz
Tall Korean Celadon Vase
Taragui - 1 kilo
Taylor's Earl Grey Black Teabags
Taylor's Earl Grey Teabags
Taylor's Irish Breakfast Teabags
Taylor's of Harrogate - English Breakfast Teabags
Taylor's of Harrogate - Irish Breakfast Tebags
Taylor's Scottish Breakfast Teabags
Taylors English Breakfast Teabags
Tea Ball - 1
Tea Ball - 2
Tea Books
Tea Pot Infuser with Drip Dish
Tea Tin 2
Tea Tins, Canisters & Jars
Tea Wares
Teabag Teas
Teapot Spout Cleaner
Teapot Teasets and Cups from China
Teapots and Cups from Russia
Teapots and Teasets
Teapots, Cups, Tea Sets and Ceramic works from Japan, Korea, Russia, Germany, England and China
Terra Cotta Burner with Lid
Tetsubin Cast Iron Teapots from Japan
Textured Gold Tin
Textured Matte Gold Tin
Ti Kuan Yin Oolong from China - Minimum 2 oz
Travel Kettle
Tropical Passion Green Tea
Tulip Cast Iron Windchime
Vanilla Almond Black Tea
Vanilla Black Tea
Vanilla Hazelnut Black Tea
Vases & Flower Arrangement Accessories
Weimar Porcelain Celadon and Gold Cup and Saucer
Weimar Porcelain Cobalt and Gold Cup and Saucer
Weimar Porcelain Creamer
Weimar Porcelain Cup and Saucer Set
Weimar Porcelain Sugar Bowl
Weimar Porcelain Teapot
Weimar Porcelain White Cup and Saucer Set
Weimar Teapot and Cups from Germany
White Cloud Incense
White Orchid Oolong
White Peach Incense Cones
White Porcelain Cup and Saucer
White Side-handle Teapot set
White Tea - Silver Needles
White Tea Pot Timer
White Tea Set with Sand Finish
White Tip Oolong Oriental Beauty
White Tip Oolong Teabags
White Vase
White Weimar Porcelain Cup and Saucer with Celadon Interior
Wood Dragon 1
Wood Dragon 2
Wood Dragon 3
Wood Horse
Wood Incense Box
Wood Komodo Dragon
Wood Pig
Wood Tiger
Wu Yi Ti Kuan Yin Oolong
Yellow Tea - Snow Dragon Yellow Buds
Yerba Mate, Gourds and Bambillas - Argentina - Minimum 2 oz
Yorkshire Gold Black Tea
Yorkshire Gold Teabags
Yorkshire Gold Teabags from Taylors of Harrogate
Yunnan Black Tea
Zinc Vase 1