Black Teas from India

Assam - Halmari Estate
Gold tips. Sweet, rich and strong. A daily staple in many tea cupboard.
Organic Assam
Smooth, strong and organic.
SOUTHERN INDIAN - Nilgiri - Tigerhill Estate
Smooth and sweet medium-strength brew from luscious and fertile Nilgiri Region in southern India.
Organic Darjeeling - Autumn - Makaibari Estate
Organic Autumn picking with a hint of the season in the aroma and taste.
Darjeeling Blend
Darjeeling produces only 3% of tea in India. A more delicate cup comparing to robust Assams, with that particular Darjeeling aroma and flavor.
Darjeeling - II Flush - Margarets Hope Estate
An exquisite tea of delightful aroma and taste from the famed historic tea garden high up in the clouds.
Darjeeling - I Flush - Thurbo Estate
Spring picking with specks of green leaves. A hint of crisp Darjeeling air in the cup.