Taiwan (Formosa) Pouchong & Taiwan (Formosa) Oolong Teas - Minimum 2 oz

Taiwan (Formosa) Pouchong &  Taiwan (Formosa) Oolong Teas - Minimum 2 oz

Formosa Pouchong
Known locally as Clear Tea. Large light oxidized leaves producing superb champagne color brew in a category of its own. Multiple infusions of delightful satisfying cup. Great depth. A favorite of green tea drinkers.
Jade Oolong
A lightly oxidized green Oolong Tea with tightly furled leaves of superb aroma and taste. A must try for green tea lovers.
Alisan Oolong
From the sub-tropical slopes of majestic A-Li-San (A-Li Mountain) this greener Oolong brews multiple crisp clear infusions for green tea and oolong tea lovers.
Amber Oolong
An aromatic amber color brew of pleasing complexity. Make it Kung-Fu style and serve your condensed tea in little bitty cups for sipping.
White Tip Oolong Oriental Beauty
Top grade White Tip Oolong made up of aromatic wiry brown leaves with white tips. Enchanting smooth taste with a hit of peach sweetness top note.
Misty Mountain Oolong
From the little traveled rolling hills high up in Lu Gu in central Taiwan, this exquisite oolong embodies the year-round thick morning mist and blazing hot sun in your cup.
Jasmine Oolong
A must-have for jasmine green tea drinkers. A heartier version of jasmine tea, with a green oolong base
White Orchid Oolong
A fragrant green oolong tea, scented with Jade Orchid Flower, an elongated white petal flower in the Magnolia family.
Ginseng Oolong
American ginseng combined with a green oolong produces a light woodsy taste with a sweet after taste.
Osmenthus Oolong
A fragrant green oolong scented with Osmanthus flowers, a small white petal flower with a light sweetness. Osmanthus flower symbolizes Prosperity. It's nectar is also used in deserts.
Dark Roasted Ti Kuan Yin Oolong
For tea drinkers with a strong palate, this Dark Roasted Ti Kuan yin Oolong brews a satisfying deep amber cup with a light smokiness.