Flavored Black Teas and Earl Grey Teas

Classic Earl Grey Black Tea
For bergamot lovers. Satisfying aromatic pleasure and taste.
Blue Flower Earl Grey Black Tea
Lavender Earl Grey Black Tea
Lady Grey Black Tea
Extra citrus on top of fragrant bergamot.
Passion Fruit Black Tea
Mango Iced Tea
Finely cut black tea with yummy mango aroma and taste. Wonderful chilled or iced year round.
Apricot Black Tea
Black Current Black Tea
Blackberry Black Tea
Raspberry Black Tea
Peach Black Tea
Blood Orange Black Tea
Ginger Peach Black Tea
Ginger Black Tea
Spiced Chai Black Tea
Traditional Indian Chai recipe. Indian black tea with cardamon, ginger and vanilla. Make it thick with milk and honey or sugar.
Organic Orange Spice Black Tea
Sweet Lemon Black Tea
Pineapple Black Tea
A refreshing tropical blend of pineapple and coconut on a smooth black tea base. Great chilled.
Coconut Black Tea
Vanilla Black Tea
Maurices Vanilla Black Tea
Extra Vanilla on strong finely graded Indian black tea.
Almond Cream Black Tea
Vanilla Almond Black Tea
Vanilla Hazelnut Black Tea
Cherry Vanilla Black Tea
Christmas Tea
Fruity,spicy and nutty. A flavorful tea for year-round enjoyment.
English Toffee Black Tea
Black tea with caramel, cocoa and whole milk powder. A yummy desert tea.
Chocolate Truffle Black Tea
Wonderful chocolate chips with smooth tea. Dessert in a cup.
Rose Black Tea
Subtle Rose overtone on smooth Chinese Black Tea.
Lichee Black Tea
Smooth Chinese black tea with sweet lichee. Great hot or chilled.
Lemon Ginger Black Tea
A tasty black tea with combination of zesty lemon and mild spicy ginger. Terrific as hot tea or iced.