Flavored Green Teas

Lemonade Sencha Green Tea
A refreshing and tasty perennial favorite blend of lemon peel and lemon oil with Sencha green tea base. Have it hot or cold.
Moroccan Mint Green Tea
Spearmint and peppermint with Chinese Gunpowder Green Tea. Most refreshing.
Orange Blossom Green Tea
Fragrant orange blossoms with mild Sencha green tea base. A most refreshing cup. Try chilling it on a hot summer afternoon.
Peppermint Sencha Green Tea
Peppermint with Japan Sencha Green Tea. Very peppermint. Great with a spoonful of honey.
Summer Rose Green Tea
Colorful fruit and flower blend with Japan Sencha. Slightly sweet and citrusy.
Tropical Passion Green Tea
A tropical fruit blend with colorful flowers. A green tea version of the popular passionfruit black tea.
Earl Grey Green Tea
Chinese Gunpowder Green Tea flavored with bergamont oil. A lighter version of traditional black tea Earl Grey.
Almond Cookie Green Tea
A light and tasty combination of Almond Cookies and green tea. Perfect for a summer tea party.
Cardamom Green Tea
Exotic aromatic blend of cardamom and Gunpowder green tea. Great hot or cold.
Spiced Chai Green Tea
A twist for Spiced Chai Tea lovers. A traditional Indian Spiced Chai recipe of cardamom, ginger and vanilla but blended with Sencha Green Tea. A lighter touch.
Peach Green Tea
A light and delightful combo of peach and sencha. Enjoy.
Dragon Fruit Green Tea
Exotic Dragon Fruit, pale rose buds and a mellow green tea make a delightful fragrant brew with a hint of the tropics. A new fruit profile.