Green Teas and Jasmine Green Teas from China

Spring Jasmine Green Tea
Lovely jasmine-scented green tea makes a hearty cup with satisfying mouth taste.
Premium Monkey King Green Tea
Tai Pei Hou Kuei is its Chinese name. Unique flattened long leaves (up to 2.50") will make a number of infusions. Pure green taste, never bitter. Admire the lovely leaves in the cup or pot. It was Chinese Premiere Dong Hsiao-Ping's favorite tea.
Organic Silver Spiral Green Tea
Organic spiral shape silvery black tippy tea leaves make a hearty robust cup with a satisfying tea sweetness.
Organic White-tip Jasmine Green Tea
Organic jasmine-scented green tea with a more delicate mouth taste. Lovely aroma.
Jasmine Pearls Green Tea
Jasmine scented tippy green tea leaves rolled into small pearl shapes. Lovely aroma and hearty taste. The fancy one in the Jasmine green tea group.
Dragon Well Green Tea
Internationally famous tea growing region. Known for its grassy undertone and long flat green leaves. The locally grown green tea made with the sweet well water from the legendary Dragon Well makes a heavenly cup of tea.
Jasmine Flower Green Tea
Fragrant jasmine-scented green tea.
Dragon Curl Green Tea
Small curly white/green leaves packed with deeper taste for tea drinkers with strong palate.
Gunpowder Green Tea
A small-leaf rolled Green Tea with slight smokey aroma and taste. The name comes from its appearance that the rolled leaves resemble the old musket gun powder.
Organic Lu-An Green Tea
Famous green tea throughout Chinese history. Also known as Melon Seed Green Tea for the shape of the leaves. Smooth gentle green tea without any sharp edge with a tinge of tea sweetness.