Oolong and Ti Kuan Yin from Taiwan

Formosa Alisan Oolong
From the high altitude of the famous Ali Mountain. Medium-oxidized High Mountain, between our Jade Oolong and Amber Oolong.
Formosa Amber Oolong
A satisfying High Mountain Oolong, with an amber color brew and darker earthier taste to match. Nice complexity.
Formosa Ginseng Oolong
An earthy ginseng root overtone on a green Oolong. A light sweet after-taste.
Formosa Jade Oolong
A lightly oxidized green Oolong. Use boiling water and short infusions. Enjoy the popular High Mountain Oolong.
Formosa Misty Mountain Oolong
Premium High Mountain Oolong. Deep crisp satisfying green Oolong living up to its picturesque name. It will afford multiple infusions. Pull out your Kung Fu Tea set and entertain or enjoy it in solitude.
Formosa Roasted Ti Kuan Yin
Dark, Deep, and Smooth. This heavily roasted tea is a traditional tea drinkers' favorite. It has a complex taste and a slightly smokey top note.
Formosa Oriental-Beauty White-Tip Oolong
A rare and unique Oolong with enchanting aroma in a rich reddish brew and a hint of fruit sweetness. Loose large wiry leaves with white tips, packed with taste. Indeed an Oriental Beauty.
Formosa Pouchong
"Chin Cha" - Clear Tea in a catagory of its own. Big lightly oxidized curly leaves producing a bright golden brew with crisp clean aroma. Use boiling water. Watch the big leaves work their magic. Multiple short infusions.
Formosa Jasmine Oolong
A perfect match - enchanting jasmine and crisp clean green Oolong. A stronger version of the popular traditional jasmine green teas.
Formosa White Orchid Oolong
Also known as Magnolia Oolong. The white tropical fragrant flowers grow on tall trees. Commonly called White Jade Orchids. Ladies carry the flowers in pockets or wear them in their hair. Nature's own perfume.
Osmanthus Oolong
A subtle sweet Osmanthus flower top note on green Oolong. Osmanthus is a popular flower, known as Prosperity Flower. Its nectar is also used in Chinese deserts.